slave server

Riccardo ric.castellani at
Fri Sep 11 07:21:50 UTC 2009

I I create this configuration for my secondary server:

options {
         forward only;
        forwarders { serverA ; } ;
 } ;

zone ""{
        type slave;
        file "zone.db";
        masters{ serverA; };

1- If I query to this server ""  (it's authoritative for
this domain) server first tries to retrieves info from its zone file
(zone.db, which has copied from master) or from its cache ?
2- if I query to this server external domain, it will forward request
to serverA ?
3- This server will work acting as also caching server ?
4- If serverA doesn't know query answer, this server will return
domain "domain is not exist" ?

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