Modified a zone, so when it becomes available?

Leonardo Rodrigues leolistas at
Tue Sep 15 10:04:00 UTC 2009

Marcos Lorenzo de Santiago escreveu:
> When I modify a RR or add a new one on an existing zone, I have to
> restart master server to make the change available. Is there any other
> way to reload the zone without stopping bind?
> I've tried with:
> 	- rdnc reload [zone]
> 	- rndc reconfig [zone]
> 	- rndc refresh [zone]
> Am I missing anything?

    'rndc reload' is enough to make the zones being re-read and 
new/updated records available.

    Problably you're missing:

1) to increment the zone serial ... if you dont do that, bind wont know 
you updated the zone. That's important, ALWAYS update the serial when 
changing/adding records;

2) your DNS server itself is using another DNS server which is caching 
the records, so cache needs to expire so new/updated records can be 
seen. You can have your DNS server using itself ( as DNS 
server, that should solve if this is the problem;


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