ISC BIND 9.7.0a3 is now available

Evan Hunt each at
Tue Sep 15 18:59:36 UTC 2009

	             BIND 9.7.0a3 is now available.

	BIND 9.7.0a3 is the third alpha release of BIND 9.7.0.


	This is a technology preview of new functionality to be
	included in BIND 9.7.0.  Not all new functionality is in
	place.  APIs and configuration syntax are not yet frozen.

	BIND 9.7 includes a number of changes from BIND 9.6 and earlier
	releases.  Most are intended to simplify DNSSEC configuration
	and operation.

New features include:

	- Simplified configuration of DNSSEC Lookaside Validation (DLV).
	- Simplified configuration of Dynamic DNS, using the "ddns-confgen"
	  command line tool or the "local" update-policy option.  (As a side
	  effect, this also makes it easier to configure automatic zone
	- New named option "attach-cache" that allows multiple views to
	  share a single cache.
	- DNS rebinding attack prevention.
	- New default values for dnssec-keygen parameters.
	- Support for RFC 5011 automated trust anchor maintenance
	  (see README.rfc5011 for additional details).
	- Smart signing: simplified tools for zone signing and key
	- The "statistics-channels" option is now available on Windows.
	- A new DNSSEC-aware libdns API for use by non-BIND9 applications
	  (see README.libdns for details).
	- On some platforms, named and other binaries can now print out
	  a stack backtrace an assertion failure, to aid in debugging.
	- A "tools only" installation mode on Windows, which only installs
	  dig, host, nslookup and nsupdate.
	- Improved PKCS#11 support, including Keyper support (see
	  README.pkcs11 for additional details).

Additional features planned but not included in this alpha release:

	- Fully automatic signing of zones by "named"
	- Additional PKCS#11 support, including multiple OpenSSL engines

BIND 9.7.0a3 can be downloaded from:

The PGP signature of the distribution is at:

The signature was generated with the ISC public key, which is
available at

A binary kit for Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 is at:

The PGP signature of the binary kit is at:

Changes since previous alpha (9.7.0a2):

	--- 9.7.0a3 released ---

2674.	[bug]		"dnssec-lookaside auto;" crashed if named was built
			without openssl. [RT #20231]

2673.	[bug]		The managed-keys.bind zone file could fail to
			load due to a spurious result from sync_keyzone()
			[RT #20045]

2672.	[bug]		Don't enable searching in 'host' when doing reverse
			lookups. [RT #20218]

2671.	[bug]		Add support for PKCS#11 providers not returning
			the public exponent in RSA private keys
			(OpenCryptoki for instance) in
			dnssec-keyfromlabel. [RT #19294]

2670.	[bug]		Unexpected connect failures failed to log enough
			information to be useful. [RT #20205]

2669.	[func]		Update PKCS#11 support to support Keyper HSM.
			Update PKCS#11 patch to be against openssl-0.9.8i.

2668.	[func]		Several improvements to dnssec-* tools, including:
			- dnssec-keygen and dnssec-settime can now set key
			  metadata fields 0 (to unset a value, use "none")
			- dnssec-revoke sets the revocation date in
			  addition to the revoke bit
			- dnssec-settime can now print individual metadata
			  fields instead of always printing all of them,
			  and can print them in unix epoch time format for
			  use by scripts
			[RT #19942]

2667.	[func]		Add support for logging stack backtrace on assertion
			failure (not available for all platforms). [RT #19780]

2666.	[func]		Added an 'options' argument to dns_name_fromstring()
			(API change from 9.7.0a2). [RT #20196]

2665.	[func]		Clarify syntax for managed-keys {} statement, add
			ARM documentation about RFC 5011 support. [RT #19874]

2664.	[bug]		create_keydata() and minimal_update() in zone.c 
			didn't properly check return values for some
			functions.  [RT #19956]

2663.	[func]		win32:  allow named to run as a service using
			"NT AUTHORITY\LocalService" as the account. [RT #19977]

2662.	[bug]		lwres_getipnodebyname() and lwres_getipnodebyaddr() 
			returned a misleading error code when lwresd was
			down. [RT #20028]

2661.	[bug]		Check whether socket fd exceeds FD_SETSIZE when
			creating lwres context. [RT #20029]

2660.	[func]		Add a new set of DNS libraries for non-BIND9
			applications.  See README.libdns. [RT #19369]

2659.	[doc]		Clarify dnssec-keygen doc: key name must match zone
			name for DNSSEC keys. [RT #19938]

2658.	[bug]		dnssec-settime and dnssec-revoke didn't process
			key file paths correctly. [RT #20078]

2657.	[cleanup]	Lower "journal file <path> does not exist, creating it"
			log level to debug 1. [RT #20058]

2656.	[func]		win32: add a "tools only" check box to the installer
			which causes it to only install dig, host, nslookup,
			nsupdate and relevant DLLs.  [RT #19998]

2655.	[doc]		Document that key-directory does not affect
			bind.keys, rndc.key or session.key.  [RT #20155]

2654.	[bug]		Improve error reporting on duplicated names for
			deny-answer-xxx. [RT #20164]

2653.	[bug]		Treat ENGINE_load_private_key() failures as key
			not found rather than out of memory.  [RT #18033]

2652.	[func]		Provide more detail about what record is being
			deleted. [RT #20061]

2651.	[bug]		Dates could print incorrectly in K*.key files on
			64-bit systems. [RT #20076]

2650.	[bug]		Assertion failure in dnssec-signzone when trying
			to read keyset-* files. [RT #20075]

2649.	[bug]		Set the domain for forward only zones. [RT #19944]

2648.	[port]		win32: isc_time_seconds() was broken. [RT #19900]

2647.	[bug]		Remove unnecessary SOA updates when a new KSK is
			added. [RT #19913]

2646.	[bug]		Incorrect cleanup on error in socket.c. [RT #19987]

2645.	[port]		"gcc -m32" didn't work on amd64 and x86_64 platforms
			which default to 64 bits. [RT #19927]

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