Modified a zone, so when it becomes available?

Robert Spangler mlists at
Tue Sep 15 21:27:08 UTC 2009

On Tuesday 15 September 2009 08:16, Frank Stanek wrote:

>  Please forgive my naivety if this is totally wrong but
>  I don't have a chrooted bind environment to verify this atm.

I run a chroot environment

>  But doesn't the init script in some distributions copy the
>  configuration files (including zone files) into the chroot
>  joil because bind cannot access them in /etc from there?

Not that I am aware of.  If you know of a distro that does this let us know.   
A chroot'ed bind has no knowledge of anything outside of it's chroot 
environment so the files have to exist there.

>  That could explain why it works when you use the init script
>  to restart bind but it doesn't when you do rndc reload -
>  the modified files don't get copied into the jail with
>  rndc reload.

And they do not with the init script either.  The init script is shutting down 
bind and then reloading it again which forces a fresh read of all the files, 
as rndc is just telling bind to re-read the zone.



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