Need help on delegation to subdomain/external servers

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Thu Sep 17 11:47:36 UTC 2009

On 17.09.09 11:16, RUOFF LARS wrote:
> The reason for this is:
> I have a hot-swap redundant system where 1 out of 2 servers is active at
> any given time and the other is standby. DNS is (mis?-)used to tell the
> clients which one is active at a given moment.
> The idea is that clients resolve a name of the server and the result is
> the address of the server that is currently active. (Only the current
> active server responds to DNS queries for its own name).

not possible with BIND. And, I hope, you won't use this in public (outside
of your network). I better wouldn't code such beast since people WOULD use
that in public...

> > I don't think delegation is the solution to your 
> > load-balancing requirement, however. NS'es are tried, 
> > sequentially, according to historical RTT statistics; 
> > _over_time_, faster-responding servers will tend to get tried 
> > before slow-responding ones, but this adaptivity may take 
> > time to kick in when the responsiveness of the target 
> > nameservers changes, so it would probably not be dynamic 
> > enough to meet your requirements, even _if_ the latency of 
> > DNS responses were reflective of the performance of the 
> > underlying app (which I question above).
> As said, my issue is not really load balancing, but active-standby
> switching, where only one server will ever respond at any given time.

There are packages that do that, using DNS for that is not good idea.
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