Migrating DNS servers, need advice on hardware

Kaya Saman SamanKaya at netscape.net
Sat Sep 19 01:43:41 UTC 2009


currently I have 2 Solaris 9 boxes in my home based data center running 
as primary and secondary dns servers; they are Sun Netra T105's with 
440MHz SPARC prcossors and 320MB of RAM.


Basically as I am going to be moving abroad since I have finished my 
studies now and am about to get a job I will need to replace them in my 
new residence and was just wondering if anyone had any idea of the 
hardware specs I would need.

As in should I be going for a single socket or dual socket server and 
how much memory would I need.... also if I should virtualize the systems 
at all? - Basically get one dual socket quad core system then run 
something like Sun xVM or Citrix Xen on it and then have an instance of 
Primary and Secondary or just use Solaris Zones as I will be whacking 
OpenSolaris most likely onto them anyway....

I am quite confident that 1-2GB of memory should be sufficient to handle 
the OS and multiple lookups as I'm planning on tying 3 sites together 
with them plus using them as main servers for my domain also.

I mean an idea of hardware was to get 1 or 2 Sun Fire X2250s solely for 
DNS then run the Named service in a Small-Zone which I feel is 
equivalent to running them chrooted on a linux system....?? Which I used 
to run bind on Debian Etch chrooted before the Netra's came along and I 
started learning Solaris!

What can anyone recommend???

Many thanks for any responses :-)


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