Migrating DNS servers, need advice on hardware

Kaya Saman SamanKaya at netscape.net
Sat Sep 19 03:00:35 UTC 2009

> Since you haven't mentioned how many zones and records you're hosting, 
> how do you expect anyone to guess how much hardware you need?
Yes thank you for pointing that out! I do apologize as I mentioned I've 
just finished my studies and am as of yet quite in-experienced yet with 
certain things so please do not frown upon me for that! - I know many 
people here are top notch pro's and I do not fall into that category but 
someone who is eager to get there :-)

Anyhow, I have 4 zone files for 1 domain currently and I'm using 2 
views; internal and external. I hope to expand too once I have more 
finances available to me and start mirroring Linux distros and perhaps 
even OpenSolaris and BSD as well. But for now it's fairly simple stuff!

I have noticed however that with the current setup my secondary DNS is 
getting used quite a bit too as both systems are doing quite a few 
translations - luckily I have a Cisco router in place so my WAN 
connection is stable and does not crash like with a consumer based 

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