BIND with DLZ doesn't reconnect to the MySQL 5.x server after disconnect

Doug Barton dougb at
Wed Sep 23 17:46:21 UTC 2009

Mark Andrews wrote:
> In message <4AB9C360.7090601 at>, Doug Barton writes:
>> I recently added DLZ options to the BIND ports on FreeBSD, and a user
>> has filed the following problem report:
>> Does anyone have any comment on the patch suggested at the URL in the
>> PR?
>> nect/
>> Is this something that is likely to be included in a BIND distribution
>> any time soon?
> Reconnect is already being set.
> B.T.W. the patch passes a pointer to the wrong type to mysql_options()
> see

Thanks Mark. I've asked the user to follow up on this list so that
hopefully we can reach a conclusion on the right solution.


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