Migrating DNS servers, need advice on hardware

Kaya Saman SamanKaya at netscape.net
Fri Sep 25 15:36:13 UTC 2009

> Other means:
> The BIND manual tells how to turn on bind's query log, which is 
> normally turned off for performance/resource reasons.
> On a very lightly loaded DNS server, it can be left on, and on a 
> medium-loaded server, it may be practical to
> turn it on for a short while to collect some usage data.
> On a Solaris system, snoop can help (as can tcpdump on other *nix 
> systems), e.g. to get a frame of reference
> regarding your load, inspect 1000 packets to port 53, measuring how 
> many seconds it takes to collect them.
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Thanks for the response John!

I'm assuming that a modern multi core system in a SOHO or small business 
environment can have the query log turned on continuously as should be 
more then powerful enough from what many other people have said. Of 
course full enterprise scale is another matter!!

Will try snoop soon as I have already managed to get Bind working using 
OpenSolaris on Sun's Virtual Box in a small-zone configuration. Of 
course just for testing purposes is running on a laptop and only has 
root name servers and very limited records meaning round 5 in forwards 
and reverse zone. But handles the load perfectly as I can actually take 
the laptop off the main primary and secondary DNS in the host OS and 
just use the DNS server in the zone from the guest OS in Vbox.

Now from this little escapade of mine I have learned two things: the 
first being the power of modern hardware and virtualization and the 
second being that one doesn't need to go OTT for a DNS server in a small 
to moderate sized network - only a virtualized system or Solaris zone 
will do the trick or chroot combined with many other services as most 
rack infrastructure today can handle upto 24GB RAM+.

This has been excellent guys - many thanks to all constructive comments 
and help ;-)



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