Keeping views organized

Todd canadaboy at
Mon Sep 28 14:13:14 UTC 2009

Good day all...

As we move to more and more views in our organization, I'm working to
find the best way to organize all the related files for view
management.  I'm curious how others have done it so I can improve on
my current system.  We currently only have 4 views, but we're looking
at needing more shortly, so it's getting to the point where I want to
make sure we're using a good methodology for maintaining and
organizing things.

We've recently fallen in love with using include files, so that we can
more easily make changes and compare server configurations.  As such,
our view configuration is something like this


include "/etc/include/"

include "/etc/include/view-internal"
include "/etc/include/view-network"
include "/etc/include/view-external"
include "/etc/include/view-lab"


include "/etc/include/zones-internal"
include "/etc/include/revzones-internal"
include "/etc/include/viewspecific-internal"

##Zones is used for forward zones, revzones for reverse zones and
viewspecific is used for the specific zones that are included in the
The idea here is that in our organization, we tend to be able to have
a fixed set of zones that are required in every view, with only a few
overrides.  Zones/Revzones are the fixed set.

Then, in the viewspecific-internal confguration

zone "" IN { type slave; file
"slave/"; masters { internal_view_masters; }; };

What I'm pondering is using directories for each view instead of
naming - it makes a few things easier, and a few things harder.

Any comments/criticism/ideas for better managing views?

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