Query Refused problem

Sven Eschenberg sven at whgl.uni-frankfurt.de
Wed Sep 30 12:24:50 UTC 2009

Dear list,

I have one client with a specific zone. When the client does a query for 
localhost on the nameserver, or a reverse lookup for, 
everything seems perfectly okay. As soon, as the client tries to lookup 
i.e. google.de or any external ip, I am getting query refused errors.

Sep 30 14:21:40 gw named[28715]: client <ip of matched client>#1039: 
view watchdog: query (cache) 'www.google.de/A/IN' denied
Sep 30 14:21:40 gw named[28715]: client <ip of matched client>#1040: 
view watchdog: query (cache) 'www.google.de/A/IN' denied

The DNS-Server works as a recursor for the client.

What puzzles me most is: I cloned another internal view, which works 
perfectly well for the clients matched by it.

What might I be missing here, what can trigger a query refused answer 
like this?



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