ZSK syntax problems bind9.7.1P2

Evan Hunt each at isc.org
Fri Dec 3 21:22:52 UTC 2010

On Fri, Dec 03, 2010 at 02:55:22PM -0600, Martin McCormick wrote:
> I am signing a test zone of okstate.edu and am having some
> trouble with the command. The KSK went fine but when I try:
>  dnssec-keygen -K /var/named/etc/namedb/dynamic/okstate.edu -s 7 RSASHA1 -b 1024 -n ZONE okstate.edu

You missed out the -a before RSASHA1.

(However, you don't need it in 9.7, as that's the default algorithm anyway.
You can leave out the -b and -n options as well.)

Evan Hunt -- each at isc.org
Internet Systems Consortium, Inc.

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