Private Zones and Deligation bind9.7.2

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Sat Dec 4 21:48:01 UTC 2010

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 Martin McCormick <martin at> wrote:

> After setting up a private zone which should have deligated
> queries to some Microsoft DNS's, I received a report that an
> additional host in that domain did not resolve. They were right.
> I had to put an A record in my deligated zone for that system to
> make it resolve so I think I have something set wrong. Queries
> to that zone do not seem to end up going to the MS DNS's. Here
> is what I installed for the zone file:
> r.ds.					      3600 IN SOA stwrdc02.r.ds. hostmaster.r.ds. 4 900 600 86400 
> 3600
> r.ds.					      3600 IN NS	stwrdc02.r.ds.
> r.ds.					      3600 IN NS	stwrdc03.r.ds.
> stwrdc02.r.ds.				      3600 IN A
> stwrdc03.r.ds.				      3600 IN A
> ;This one should have resolved if one of the DC's had been queried.
> stwnetpro01.r.ds.	1200	IN	A
> localhost.r.ds.				      3600 IN A
> named-checkzone r.ds likes the zone.

Do you have recursion enabled on your server?

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