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Jürgen Dietl juergen.dietl at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 7 07:53:06 UTC 2010

Hello Sergiu,
I tried to put in 2 credential Entries in the named.conf:

tkey-gssapi-credential "DNS/test.loc"; (that was in before)
tkey-gssapi-credential "USER/test.loc", (new entry)
tkey-domain "TEST.LOC";

The system didnt like the second entry for the user. So how can I put in 2
credentials, or maybe where to put them?

Another problem with 2 Principal name is that the User Principal is of
course different on any pc.

Thanx a lot for your help,

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Date: 2010/12/6
Subject: Re: Problems with Bind-Kerberos-Windows-Linux
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> The client has an entry in the AD with DNS/test.loc at TEST.LOC. The Client,
> DNS-Server, Kerberos-Server all have a copy of the krb5.keytab. If I do a
> kinit -k -t c:\krb5.keytab DNS/test.loc at TEST.LOC then all seem to be ok.
> get this message from the DNSserver: 03-Dec-2010 10:42:00.451 general:
> 3: gss cred: "DNS/test.loc at TEST.LOC", GSS_C_ACCEPT, 4294962027. But when
> client do it from its own I get this message from the DNS-Server:
> 03-Dec-2010 10:42:00.451 general: debug 3: failed gss_accept_sec_context:
> GSSAPI error: Major = Unspecified GSS failure.  Minor code may provide
> information, Minor = Wrong principal in request.

Normally you need 2 kerberos principals, one for the DNS Server, one for the

If kinit above works on the DNS Server box, and you can see these messages
at startup BIND is configured correctly.
27-Sep-2010 18:26:47.860 acquiring credentials for DNS/test.loc
27-Sep-2010 18:26:47.860 gss cred: "DNS/test.loc at TEST.LOC", GSS_C_ACCEPT,

You still need to configure update-policy to allow your client to update
DNS, but that is another issue.

A GSS-TSIG-enabled DNS client would request TGT (as a different Kerberos
user/principal), then TGS to use the DNS Service identified by the
DNS/test.loc at TEST.LOG service principal. With this it should be able to
update the DNS server, as long as DNS Server validates the client's ticket
and the policy allows the update.

I hope your understanding is the same, it just wasn't clear from your


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