Views based on port number

Niobos niobos at
Wed Dec 8 17:52:49 UTC 2010


For my home use, I'd like to use a DNSSEC-validating recursive resolver,
preferably one I control myself. Since I don't want to install a server
at home specifically for that, I'm trying to develop an alternative. My
current idea is to host the RR on my public server, but I don't intend
to serve the world, so I'd like to restrict this service to me, somehow.
(I have a dynamic IP)

So I was thinking of letting bind run additionally on a high random
port, and configure my broadband router to do the matching NATting. That
brings me to my actual question: How can I match clients based on the
(destination/server) port they used to contact BIND?

Is this possible? Or is there a much easier way to solve my problem and
am I overly complicating things?

And you never know: if anyone has ever installed BIND 9.7 on a dd-wrt
box, that would solve my problem as well.


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