different DNS Cache get different records

Jorg W Young JorgWYoung+ML at gmail.com
Sun Dec 12 13:05:35 UTC 2010

2010/12/12 Barry Margolin <barmar at alum.mit.edu>:
> The two servers for your domain have different versions of the zone.
> ns1.dns-diy.com has serial number 3556 and the record:
> s3.xxfy.duowan.com.  300   IN CNAME s3-duowan.xxfy.kunlun.com.
> ns2.dns-diy.com has serial number 3551 and is missing that record, so it
> uses the wildcard.

Thanks a lot Barry.
I  already also have found this case, will contact the dns hosting
provider to adjust it.


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