Mark Andrews marka at
Mon Dec 13 06:30:26 UTC 2010

Firstly please get a sane email client.  Printed quotable is supposed to
be readable by old mail clients.  Your client is turning the line breaks
you entered into "=A0" rather than preserving.

Secondly the default for "allow-recursion" is "{localhost; localnets;}".
The clients that you are having problems with do not match this acl.


In message <437749.18198.qm at>, Ed Arizona writes:
> =0A=0AWe're seeing an issue with regarding to a bind9 server setup as a 'fo=
> rward only' =0Asystem.=A0 =0A=0A=0AThe server is multihomed on five unique =
> subnets.=A0 Any host local to any of those =0Asubnets can use this server t=
> o properly resolve the zone served.=A0 Any host =0Aoutside of the local sub=
> nets, cannot.=0A=0ARouting is properly set up and hosts on various remote s=
> ubnets can reach the dns =0Aserver on port 53.=0A=0AWhen we downrev to bind=
> 8 using the same named.conf configuration file, the issue =0Adisappears.=A0=
>  Is this is a known issue?=A0 Is there a configuration item I'm not =0Aawar=
> e of that I need to set or unset?=0A=0AThanks, Colin=0A=0A=0A      
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