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Thu Dec 16 22:27:52 UTC 2010

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ll, David" writes:
> Is there any expertise on implementing Bind and IDN?  Our business is wanti
> ng to server up DNS for an IDN.  I have attempted to add what I believe is 
> needed - but can not do a nslookup or a query from external website for thi
> s new domain.  Are there any additional steps need to have a IDN?
> Thanks in advance.
> Dave H

You need to turn on IDN support at compile time if you want the
lookup tools to do the name conversions prior to looking up the
data in the DNS.

  --with-idn=MPREFIX      enable IDN support using idnkit default PREFIX
  --with-libiconv=IPREFIX GNU libiconv are in IPREFIX default PREFIX
  --with-iconv=LIBSPEC    specify iconv library default -liconv
  --with-idnlib=ARG       specify libidnkit

As far as named is concerned these are just regular domain names
that start with "xn--".  All the IDN knowledge is outside of named.

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