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Jorg W Young JorgWYoung+ML at gmail.com
Mon Dec 20 10:22:19 UTC 2010

Thanks Michael.
I appreciate it much.

2010/12/20 Michael Sinatra <michael at rancid.berkeley.edu>:
> On 12/19/10 23:47, Jorg W Young wrote:
>> Hello,
>> We primarily update the DNS records by nsupdate from a web interface.
>> Under this case, if I modified the zone file directly by hand, will
>> nsupdate overwrite the modification?
> If you attempt to update a dynamic zone by hand, without first "freezing"
> the zone or shutting down named, you will likely corrupt the zone.  You need
> to use 'rndc freeze <zone>' and then do the update by hand (don't forget to
> bump the serial number!), and then do 'rndc thaw <zone>' (assuming you're
> using a recent version of BIND).  While the zone is frozen, updates made
> dynamically (e.g. via your web interface) will be discarded.  For these
> reasons, it's often good to think about whether the hand-editing is really
> necessary and what impact it has on your overall process.
> michael

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