ignoring incorrect nameservers in authority section

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at fantomas.sk
Wed Dec 22 09:09:10 UTC 2010

On 22.12.10 14:01, Sunil Shetye wrote:
> Some authoritative nameservers add incorrect nameservers in the
> authority section of their replies.

Which authority and which domain?

Most of authorities add nameservers domain was registered on.

> Due to caching of the incorrect
> reply, further queries for that domain go to those incorrect
> nameservers. Is there a way to ignore / not cache such replies?

No. There is way to fix what is broken. Either the domain is delegated to
bad servers, or the servers have incorrect/inconsistent data for the domain.

> This is obviously a misconfiguration on ns1.realserver.com. The
> correct nameservers are listed in domain registration of example.com
> along with the correct glue records.

Actually, no. The "correct" servers are configured in the zone itself.
Note that authoritative data from the zone prevail over delegation from

> Is there any solution to this problem without contacting the DNS
> administrator of that domain? I have seen this problem for many
> domains on the internet.

Well, first find which is the real problem - domain delegated to invalisd
servers, server providing invalid data, and than you have to fix what is

Give us a real example if we have to provider real solution.
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