Fwd: performance on the big query traffic

Eivind Olsen eivind at aminor.no
Sun Dec 26 23:54:35 UTC 2010

>> Currently one of our domains has been getting more than 100 million DNS
>> query traffic each day. The domain is hosting on the registration
>> provider. If we run the DNS by ourselves with Bind, can two Bind hosts
>> handle this size of query traffic? What's the suggested IDC and server
>> hardware for them?

100 million queries pr day. That's not really a huge number - unless I
miscalculate, it's about 1157 queries per second, and that's not really a
very big number. I recently did some rudimentary benchmarking, showing a
server with some approx 3GHz multi-core Xeon processor was fully capable
of answering up to (and probably a bit above) 100.000 queries per second
without breaking a sweat and without any huge increase in latency/response
time (benchmark was done locally though, without involving the network,
and only asking for local data). I have also done the same basic
benchmarking on older Sun hardware, and old Sun Fire V215's still did
about 10.000 queries per second.

Note: the answer can be completely different depending on usage patterns
etc. And it's probably too easy to just average the 100 million queries
over an entire day? Do you know if there are any peaks? If so, how long +

Eivind Olsen

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