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Alan Clegg aclegg at
Mon Dec 27 13:48:36 UTC 2010

On 12/27/2010 1:07 AM, fakessh wrote:

> good day and merry christmas.

Thanks, and to you as well.

> I just put in place guidelines in bind config to update the signatures
> dnssec
> I'm looking for options that require the least amount of maintenace that
> all updates of signatures are performed without any external intervention
> i quote my named conf
> zone "" {
>         type master;
>         file "/var/named/";
>         auto-dnssec maintain;
>         update-policy local;
>         key-directory "/var/named/";
>         allow-transfer {;;
>;; };
>         };
> is what the guidelines are good options

A bit more interesting is the command that you used to sign the zone.
When signatures reach 3/4 lifetime, the associated record is
automatically re-signed.

Additionally, when new keys are made available signatures will created
based on the timing meta-data in the keys..

Overall, the defaults seem to be "good enough" for nearly everyone.


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