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Mark Andrews marka at
Wed Dec 29 23:02:34 UTC 2010

In message <20101229090538.17173t2lbw1zw2io at>, Benny Pedersen writ
> On man 27 dec 2010 15:09:15 CET, Mark Andrews wrote
> > You are falling foul of out of date filters.  2/8 was only allocated
> > 2009-09 so you will still find sites that are blocking packets from /
> > route for 2/8.
> post to bind-users at not to bind-users at

They are the same thing.
> well is there anything i can do to solve it in named.conf other then  
> just add forward zone to use google public dns for the failing domains  
> with non working dns setups ?

That's one solution.
> if nameserver admins is danish i will call them, but if outside of  
> danmark i get a big phonebill for things that is not my fault in the  
> first place

Agreed, its not your fault.  If your ISP gave you the address
complain to them for every site that fails.  If you got your address
from a RIR then I suspect you need to get yourself a free email
account and start emailing the whois contacts to complain using
that account.

The general consesus on operator lists is that bogon filters have
had their day for IPv4 as almost all of IPv4 is now alloctated and
what isn't will be within 6 months.  Bogon filters should basically
be reduced to the following.

	10/8 		(rfc 1918)
	172.16/12 	(rfc 1918)
	192.168/16 	(rfc 1918)
	224/4		(multicast)
	240/4		(experimental)

Even then you will need to make exceptions for local use.


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