bind 9.7.2-P3 does not resolve

Lazy lazy404 at
Thu Dec 30 19:56:35 UTC 2010

2010/12/30  <lst_hoe02 at>:
> Zitat von Lazy <lazy404 at>:
>> 2010/12/30 Lazy <lazy404 at>:
>>> 2010/12/28 Dennis Clarke <dclarke at>:
>>>>>> trying to resolve or results in a
>>>>>> "connection timed out; no servers could be reached"
>>>>> Well, for what it's worth - it's not just you having that issue. When
>>>>> testing from home and from work I get the same.
>>>> works fine for me on linux and Solaris.
>>> bind and powerdns-recursor seems to reply with all records for
>>> they have, so if You earlier request for A and TXT you
>> it looks like it's only powerdns, now I can't reproduce it using bind
>> could someone who has "working" resolver try to restart, and do some
>> ANY queries without cache ?
> With cache reset
> Unbound 1.4.7 --> Timeout
> Bind 9.7.2-P3 --> Timeout
> After doing some other queries for Bind does infact deliever
> what it has, Unbound does not. Beside the fact that MS will get in trouble
> if there first often used RRset will get bigger then 512Byte, why do you
> need ANY queries at all?

qmail uses ANY so m$ is not getting any mail from us, for now I used
zone "" and forward it to some dns that "works"



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