Dynamic zone...

Jeff Justice listaccount at starionline.com
Fri Dec 31 05:13:52 UTC 2010

I apologize in advance for my limited understanding of BIND.  I know  
just enough to have our primary and secondary running without any  
problems, but I am needing to do something new.  I searched this list  
for anything about dynamically updating a zone, but to be honest, it  
all seems over my head and I was unclear whether I was reading  
something that addressed my need.

Here's what I'm trying to do:

I have a computer on a remote network that gets its IP dynamically  
from the ISP.  I need to always know where that computer is.  I had  
thought that I could simply "scrape" it's public IP, have it sent to  
my primary NS computer (which of course is on a static IP), then use  
that information to keep a zone updated on our DNS.  So, for example,  
if my main domain for our company were:


then it would be nice to have:


that I could use to always reach that machine no matter what its IP is.

I'm sure this can be done, but can anyone explain in simple terms what  
I need to do?


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