Dynamic zone...

G.W. Haywood bind at jubileegroup.co.uk
Fri Dec 31 11:46:18 UTC 2010

Hi there,

On Fri, 31 Dec 2010 Jeff Justice wrote:

> ...
> I have a computer on a remote network that gets its IP dynamically
> from the ISP.  I need to always know where that computer is.
> ...
> if my main domain for our company were:
> abc.com
> then it would be nice to have:
> remote.abc.com
> that I could use to always reach that machine no matter what its IP is.
> I'm sure this can be done, but can anyone explain in simple terms what
> I need to do?

This really isn't something that I'd do with the DNS, I'd use a VPN.
In fact I use dozens of VPNs to do more or less what you're doing.



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