bind replication

pyh at pyh at
Fri Dec 31 13:55:35 UTC 2010

Torinthiel writes: 

> If you know which zone has changed, than you can do "rndc reload zonename".
> If you don't, than "rndc reload" reloads all zones.
> You could also try "rndc reconfig", but I think it will only load new zonesm 
> the ones just added in configuration, not never wersions of old zones). 

What I'm not sure is, given I have two hosts A and B, A is master, B is 
B fetches the zone files from A via rsync.
But, how B knows that the zone files have been changed and then run "rndc 
reload" to tell bind reload the zones? 

Thanks & Happy New Year! 


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