lwresd library and lwresd daemon - connection problem

nati shauli nati_shauli at yahoo.com
Thu May 6 21:09:31 UTC 2010


I integrated the lwresd library files into my software which in the end runs as a process side by side with the lwresd daemon on the same machine.

I send gethostbyname messages from my process to lwresd daemon. 
When I start the lwresd daemon to run with its

defaults (/sbin/lwresd &), it reads resov.conf, and when it gets my gethostbyname message, it sends a dns request to one of the external servers and responses to
my request with the right address. but when I start the lwresd daemon
with my lwresd.conf (/sbin/lwresd -c /etc/lwresd -g -d 100 &),
I can see that it gets my gethostbyname message but it seems that it
doesn't search it's own database, which was built according to lwresd.conf and
zone files.

This is the lwresd log after getting a gethostbyname request from my process:

	root at crescendo:~# 05-May-2010 08:14:33.399 socket 0xb7cec008: dispatch_recv:  event 0xb7cd93c8 -> task 0xb7cd4428
05-May-2010 08:14:33.399 socket 0xb7cec008: internal_recv: task 0xb7cd4428 got event 0xb7cec068
05-May-2010 08:14:33.399 socket 0xb7cec008 packet received correctly
05-May-2010 08:14:33.399 socket 0xb7cec008: processing cmsg 0xb7cc10b0
05-May-2010 08:14:33.399 client UDP request
05-May-2010 08:14:33.400 client error
05-May-2010 08:14:33.400 client send
05-May-2010 08:14:33.400 client sendto
05-May-2010 08:14:33.400 client senddone
05-May-2010 08:14:33.400 client next
05-May-2010 08:14:33.400 client endrequest
05-May-2010 08:14:33.400 client @0xb7ced008: udprecv
05-May-2010 08:14:33.400 socket 0xb7cec008: socket_recv: event 0xb7cd93c8 -> task 0xb7cd4428

all I want is to run a local lwresd which builds its own database from
lwresd.conf and zone files and searches its own db only without
contacting any external dns server, but for some reason it doesn't work.

I verified that lwresd daemon reads lwresd.conf and zone files. I also run checkconf and checkzones.

Any idea what could be the problem?








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