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Secondaries need to 'know' that this old sec is now a master as well.

DNS is kind of critical (unless your internet presence is not important), so ... Knowing nothing about you org... Would rec that you priortise fixing DNS pretty highly.

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> You have until the expiry counter expires for a given zone.


> We typically run our expiries at a week to allow for this type of failure.

You can easily turn a slave into a master.  Just go into its named.conf 

file, change "type slave" to "type master" and comment out the "masters 

{...}" clause.


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> Our master server machine had a drive failure and looks like it will be 

> offline for some time. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I thought I 

> remembered that something bad can happen to the dns resolution for your zones 

> if the master is offline for too long. Is there anything to this or am I just 

> dreaming? As long as the secondary can answer request, we should be ok?


> Cheers,


> Dave


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