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Mark Andrews marka at
Fri May 7 03:47:21 UTC 2010

Please fix your mail scanner.  It is breaking the headers into two
parts by inserting a blank line (see below).  This makes it very
hard to reply to you.

X-zuka-RWMailScanner-Watermark: 1273807139.93686 at ANXGBaAYEoqP7eOxTWE51g
X-zuka-RWMailScanner-From: submit at

X-zuka-RWMailScanner-ID: A075B638001.ABE87
X-zuka-rw-MailScanner-Information: Please contact the ISP for more information

In message <4BE38655.9070601 at>, Dave Filchak writes:
> Well, my SOA Expires are set to 604800 (1 week ). Can I change those to 
> four weeks to give us some time. We are dealing with a load of other 
> stuff at the moment (small company). Is that allowed?
> Dave

Normally you would just turn a slave into a master and have the other
slaves transfer from it if there is going to be a extended delay.
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