ftp.isc.org is down

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Fri May 7 22:39:55 UTC 2010

In message <alpine.LFD.1.10.1005070956370.6347 at newtla.xelerance.com>, Paul Wout
ers writes:
> On Fri, 7 May 2010, Mark Andrews wrote:
> > Subject: Re: ftp.isc.org is down 
> >
> > 	There was a fibre cut in the Bay area.
> Out of curiosity, how did this affect the DLV? (Not that I noticed any outage
> s
> on my servers configured to use the DLV)
> Paul

It wouldn't have had any real impact on serving the zone.  The
servers are on multiple continents announced from different AS's
so a single event should not make them all unreachable.

dlv.isc.org.            1509    IN      NS      dlv.sfba.sns-pb.isc.org.
dlv.isc.org.            1509    IN      NS      ns.isc.afilias-nst.info.
dlv.isc.org.            1509    IN      NS      ns1.isc.ultradns.net.
dlv.isc.org.            1509    IN      NS      ns2.isc.ultradns.net.
dlv.isc.org.            1509    IN      NS      dlv.ams.sns-pb.isc.org.
dlv.isc.org.            1509    IN      NS      dlv.ord.sns-pb.isc.org.

As for changing the zone content I'm not sure where the http server
that does that is located.  Updates may have been delayed but one's
key maintence proceedures should take that into account.

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