Out-of-zone data mistaken for glue?

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Tue May 11 22:39:52 UTC 2010

In message <4BE937B1.7070201 at imperial.ac.uk>, Phil Mayers writes:
> Following on from yesterdays query; if I have this zone:
> test.com.		86400	IN	SOA	...
> test.com.		86400	IN	NS	...
> foo.test.com.		86400	IN	NS	ns.foo.test.com.
> ns.foo.test.com.	86400	IN	A
> www.foo.test.com.	86400	IN	A
> ...this zone loads fine, and www.foo.test.com does *not* resolve, which 
> is as expected I guess. However, neither bind nor named-checkzone report 
> the non-glue A record as an error. Is this expected?
(This is just curiosity - obviously it's a bad idea to populate zones 
> like this!)
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Named checks that NS's have A's or AAAA's it doesn't do the reverse
checks of A's and AAAA's having NS's.  The latter is more complicated
and is not required for correct operation.

Note also that UPDATE requires that you be able to add then remove
a delegating NS and get back the same zone so it is not a error to
have all sorts of stuff hidden beneath a zone cut.  You can also
build up the contents beneath a zone cut then remove the delegation.

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