rndc flush(more-than-one)name

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Thu May 13 00:26:37 UTC 2010

In message <Prayer. at hermes-2.csi.cam.ac.uk>, Chris Thom
pson writes:
> Arising out of today's little accident with the "de" TLD ...
> Am I right in thinking that "rndc flushname de" flushes only entries for
> that specific name, and not for names in the tree *under* "de"? It would
> be rather useful to have the latter facility (short of flushing the whole
> cache).
> Of course, it would be possible to invent arbitrarily refined variants
> on this theme - in this case what was wanted was "flush all negative
> answers for names matching [f-z]*.de" - but maybe not very productively.

Just some background.

	"rndc flush" replaces the cache.  The old cache is destroyed in the

	"rndc flushname" removes just the entries at the name.

	"rndc flushnamespace" / "rndc flushname -recurse" would have to
	walk the tree and remove each entry.  This can be time consuming.

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