Multi-mastering with dynamic updates

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> On 17/05/10 16:59, Arcan_- wrote:
>> Thanks for the reply.
>>  Interesting. What's the use-case for this?
>> I have a few hundreds of dhcp clients and a two nodes pseudo cluster (for
>> the VIP).
>> I need a solution that enable high availability on the same level of
>> service.
>> That way, if one node fails, the other can fully take over.
>>  You are presumably aware that you can do "allow-update-forwarding" on
>>> slaves and they'll forward UPDATE packets to the master (and
>>> presumably
>>> then receive NOTIFY and do an IXFR to receive the updated zone)?
>> If the master fails I'm screwd :/
> Ah. Sorry, no idea then.
Is it possible to put couple of BIND Servers behind a load balancer and both
of them act as authoritative to accept DDNS?

Question to BIND Engineering? Is there a plan to add Multi-Master
functionality to BIND in future?

It may not be big deal for people who don't use BIND as Active Directory DNS
Server, but its single point of failure, if BIND is used in an AD
Environment since DDNS requests will be send to single master.
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