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Barry Margolin barmar at alum.mit.edu
Sat May 22 05:33:03 UTC 2010

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> Thanks for this and all the other input.
> When you say "regular Web browser", it's safe to conclude that Firefox, IE 
> and Safari are all included in this category? If so, then yes, that is the 
> target audience.

Right.  I think the only place where NAPTR is used is in Internet 
telephony.  The design allows for using it for web URL rewriting, but 
it's not used for that in practice.

> I have an odd (and frustrating) situation where I manage the DNS for a Web 
> service that's housed outside of my institution who for some reason doesn't 
> want to configure virtual hosting. A workaround was (actually in place at 
> this moment) to point DNS to a Web server I manage and do the appropriate 
> virtual hosting config and redirect. However, the group that manages the 
> content for that Web server somehow doesn't want to it this way.
> Oh well.

Tell them "too fucking bad".  This is how DNS and the web work.  DNS 
translates names to IPs, not to URLs.

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