Can i set up bind9 with dynamic ip?

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Mon May 24 00:02:46 UTC 2010

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> > It's a pppoe connection.
> > The ip address is changed almost every time i start the computer.
> > Can i set up bind9 with this ip(not static/broadband ip address)?
> It'll be a hack. But you *could* in principle restart bind every time
> the address changes, to get it to listen to the new address. And then
> you'd also have to change the A records for whatever NS records are
> pointing to the zones on this name server. Don't expect this to work
> well...

Every hour BIND scans the network interfaces and updates the addresses 
that it listens on to match.  You can control this frequency with the 
interface-interval configuration option.

Maybe there's also an rndc command that will cause it to re-scan.

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