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> Hello,
> I have a question about the query process of local dns cache to remote
> servers.  When my local dns cache want to find the A record for a
> domain name, for example, If the A record doesn't
> exist in its cache, but's NS records are there.  Thus the
> dns cache will query to's ns servers directly, is it?
> If the domain's NS records are not there, how will dns cache handle
> the case?

I assume you mean that you have a caching-only server, though this is not
entirely clear.

If you have an NS record cached for any part of, you
will use that. If not, you will walk the DNS tree from the root. You
will first send the query to the root server you are using. (BIND picks
a preferred root server based on the responses it receives when starting

Root will return the nameservers for com. It will them pick one of the
returned answers and send the query to that server. It will then return
the NS records for example. Finally, you send th query to one of those
servers and should receive an authoritative response for
which will be cached for future use for the time specified in the
record's TTL.

If the server already has a record for com, it will start there. If it
already has NS records for, it will start there. Obviously,
there should not be many queries to the root. I'll leave why there are as
an exercise for network researchers and those who write really stupid,
often broken software, that uses DNS.
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