Automated DNSSEC (command line)

Michael Sinatra michael at
Fri May 28 21:40:30 UTC 2010

On 05/28/10 14:18, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> Hello DNSSEC Experts,
> I am ongoing to install 4 new Name Servers and increse my registrar  and
> hosting service...
> OK, I have tried to make my own 4 domains with 16 zones  signed  and  it
> took me one hour of my life!
> Since I have to re-sign the zones if something change it  will  give  me
> headaches up to the end of my life, so my queston is:
>      Is there a command line tool (or a daemon) which
>      check for changes and re-sign the zone automated?

Check out zkt (

There are a few more involved tools out there, but zkt sounds like what 
you want.

> I can not believe, that you are signing each zone by hand!  :-D

*I'm* not. :)  (I use a combination of zkt and the BIND tools in an 
automated script.)

> Can an expert please check  'dig ANY'  whether  this  is
> right?

Looks good to me.  The sigs seem to be within their validity interval, 
but there doesn't appear a DLV record in, so I can't 
validate.  (Actually, I *could* snarf the ksk from the ANY query and 
manually configure it as a trust anchor, but I am lazy.  Moreover, that 
won't tell us if something goes wrong if/when you publish a trust-anchor 
DLV record or DS record, when NET becomes signed.)

> Also I am not realy sure whether I need  "dnssec-validation yes"  in  my
> "options".

For authoritative service, you don't need it.  Only if you're running a 
validating nameserver do you need it, and it's 'yes' by default in 
recent versions of BIND.  You still need to configure a trust anchor (or 
anchors) if you want to do validation.


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