no. of Views and Zones

J. Thomsen list at
Sun Nov 7 22:23:21 UTC 2010

>I'm not sure you quite understand what zones and views are. Why would 
>you not simply create a single zone per customer, and eliminate views 

Are you suggesting a single zone with multiple domain names ?
I fail to see, how that should be a possible road to follow.

The idea, that I am also advocating, is a way of grouping a number of zones, so that the
administration would be easier in a multi-customer setup.
It is a simple extension of views. 
I wish people here would just have a little imagination and go beyond thinking about the
current concept of views.

I am wondering, why the designers of the new rndc addzone/delzone facility are not at all
voicing any opinions here, but they may not subscribe to this list at all.

Where can they be reached ?

- Jørgen Thomsen

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