Strange behaviour after nsupdate

Christian Ruppert idl0r at
Tue Nov 9 21:11:50 UTC 2010

Hey guys,

I have a zone that I update remotely via nsupdate. When I update the
zone and query it internal (view) I get the correct answer but when I do
a query from outside I still get the old A record.
So the same nameserver gives different answers.

"dig A +short".

I have a internal view as well as a external view. The biggest
difference between those two is that the external view has recursion,
additional-from-auth and additional-from-cache disabled.

Both views include the hint (root.cache) and the same zones.conf.
The internal view includes additionally and a localhost

ls -l /etc/bind/dyn/*
-rw-r--r-- 1 named named  386 2010-11-07 11:22
-rw-rw---- 1 root  named 2636 2010-11-07 11:08

Any ideas what could be wrong?

Christian Ruppert

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