allow-notify listing unknown master

Subhan Malick malicks at
Wed Nov 10 02:33:07 UTC 2010

rndc status
version: 9.6.2-P1

zone ""
   type slave;
   file "596251.db";
   masters {; };
   allow-notify {; };

When a NOTIFY is received from, does BIND query's SOA against or Is there a
difference in behavior if is unreachable?

According to RFC1996 Sec 3.11
     Because a deep server dependency graph may have multiple paths
     from the primary master to any given slave, it is possible that
     a slave will receive a NOTIFY from one of its known masters even
     though the rest of its known masters have not yet updated their
     copies of the zone.  Therefore, when issuing a QUERY for the
     zone's SOA, the query should be directed at the known master who
     was the source of the NOTIFY event, and not at any of the other
     known masters.  This represents a departure from [RFC1035],
     which specifies that upon expiry of the SOA REFRESH interval,
     all known masters should be queried in turn.

What if the NOTIFY came from an unknown master, but it is explicitly
listed to accept notifies from that unknown master?

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