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> Hi all,
> we are in a situation here in our company that is: we need to send a
> internal IP address in a answer of a query when the source is a specific IP.
> So we created a new view and put the source address of this IP and
> configured the internal zone file on this view and this is working well.
> But, this same source address must resolve all the other entry’s that exist
> today on this same zone using the external IP’s. We would not like to
> replicate all the entry’s of the external zone file to the internal zone
> file because in this model every time that we did change an entry on the
> external zone file we will have to configure this same entry in the internal
> zone file.
> Is there a way or option to configure bind to do the following logic: If the
> bind didn’t find a entry in a view 1 (internal view) it will search this
> entry on the view 2 (external view) ?

This is a perfect use for $INCLUDE.  Put all the common entries in one 
file, and put

$INCLUDE myzone.common.db

in the internal and external zone files.

Memory is cheap.

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