BIND View Option

J. Thomsen list at
Thu Nov 11 12:55:05 UTC 2010

>If your main concern is resource consumption, maybe you should focus on 
>developing some clever algorithm by which named could keep track of 
>multiple references to the same data, without actually having to make 
>separate copies of the data. Kind of a specialized "compression" 
>algorithm. But, all of that could be done behind the scenes without 
>introducing a new layer of configuration complexity.

Well, there is a simple wellknown solution without thinking in duplicates. 
That solution is called searching for the data.
It is even already partly implemented as views are searched for, so that concept is known
within bind except that currently the search stops at the first matching view.

For finding a zone no extra configuration is needed, as currently several matching views
must be considered a configuration error.

For finding a missing resource record a single parameter may be needed to allow searches
to continue after the zone has been found. 

It is conceptually very simple and backwards compatible.

If used, this may have performance implications, but what doesn't have that.
- Jørgen Thomsen

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