Rules against links or certain links?

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I can't speak to your question, as I'm not a list administrator nor do I know 
the answer.
However, as a list member/consumer, I do appreciate the tools people share on 
this list:  free or pay.

In fact, I use many of them as audit tools for DNS misconfigurations.
I find that using a 3rd party tool helps to mitigate finger pointing.  That is, 
I can share a link to a tool which spells out what is wrong and share with the 
appropriate fix agents.
"Please see that ABC and DEF dns tools are showing the same issues I am seeing, 
so the problem is not limited a specific area".

That said, perhaps list admins can chime in and tell us how we can share links 
without them to be considered spam (?)

My two cents.

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>Subject: Rules against links or certain links?
>I’ve noticed a couple of times on this list that if I post links for certain on 
>line sites with free tools like whois that they never seem to make it to the 
>Is there some prohibition against posting those links that would cause them to 
>be filtered out?  I know at least one of them also has pay services but it does 
>provide free services including whois.  Today I specifically didn’t post that 
>one but another one that (so far as I know) is all free yet it hasn’t appeared 
>here either.
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