Views and Updates with a twist

Bodo Bellut bodo at
Sun Nov 14 19:52:51 UTC 2010


I'm currently using a BIND9 slave for two masters. Master 1 is 
using views (internal and external), master 2 doesn't have any 
views configured.

This setup works for master 1 without any problems, for master 2 I have
the slave configured to use the same configuration files for both views so
the zones are identical in both views.

When master 2 sends a notify to the slave, the slave refreshes the 
appropriate zone but only for the internal view. The external view 
continues serving the old zone even though the file contents are updated 
correctly. When I restart the slave (rather then reloading changed zones 
only) it serves identical data in both views again.

I have read the FAQ entry at but this 
assumes views configured on both master and slave.

Is there a way to have the slave update the zones on both views when 
receiving a notify or do I have to configure the same views on the master 
and have them serve identical data?

cu, Bodo
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