DNSSEC with 9.7.2-P2

David Forrest drf at maplepark.com
Mon Nov 15 13:34:43 UTC 2010

On Fri, 12 Nov 2010, Phil Mayers wrote:

> On 12/11/10 12:49, David Forrest wrote:
>> and, on checking named.conf, I found the entry for br. as:
>> trusted-keys {
>>   	"br." 257 3 5
>> "AwEAAdDoVnG9CyHbPUL2rTnE22uN66gQCrUW5W0NTXJBNmpZXP27w7PMNpyw3XCFQWP/XsT0pdzeEGJ400kdbbPqXr2lnmEtWMjj3Z/ejR8mZbJ/6OWJQ0k/2YOyo6Tiab1NGbGfs513y6dy1hOFpz+peZzGsCmcaCsTAv+DP/wmm+hNx94QqhVx0bmFUiCVUFKU3TS1GP415eykXvYDjNpy6AM=";
>> };
> This key is invalid for "br".
> Since you're running 9.7.2, don't do this. "br" is signed by the root; 
> instead, defined a "managed-keys" statement for "." and let the root DNSSEC 
> take care of it.
> See:
> http://www.isc.org/community/blog/201007/using-root-dnssec-key-bind-9-resolvers

That fixed it! Thanks, Phil.

Upon restarting I got a starting log message:
reading built-in trusted keys from file '/etc/bind.keys'

and stopped it with rndc to rename that file as it seemed to be a 
lookaside key for dlv.  After a restart of named I got only a 
named[25911]: set up managed keys zone for view external, file 
message and it seems to be working fine now.

Although I am using Fedora 11, I did disable the inits for the 
distribution scripts and start named from a root cron crontab
(* * * * * /usr/bin/pgrep named >/dev/null ||  (ulimit -u 4096; /usr/local/sbin/named -u named)
as I have all the 9.7.2-P2 stuff in /usr/local/sbin while F11 used 
/usr/sbin.  My troubles were of my own making, not F11's, although I do 
not remember creating the '/etc/bind.keys' file.

Thanks again, this is a very helpful list.


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