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Tue Nov 16 19:16:12 UTC 2010

On Nov 15, 2010, at 10:58 PM, Tech W. wrote:
> Is mysql Bind SDB suitable for a production application?

To my understanding, yes, with caveats. However, I've never used it myself.

Understand fully what you are doing and how it affects performance before you put it into production. That likely will require testing in your specific environment.

> We have many dozens of domains in the bind servers, what's the best way to maintain the zones and records?

With a management solution, of course. :-)

Seriously, there is no single answer to this vague question. The quantity of domains is not the issue, nor their size, but rather the frequency of updates and the number and competence of the administrators.

"Many dozens of domains" does not scare me, as an administrator. Thousands of records in each does not scare me. What would scare me is too many edits to handle by myself; for me, if there are multiple admins touching the data on a routine basis, and a change volume greater than one admin could reasonably handle, then there should be a management solution in place. There are several good tools out there; I work for a company that makes one such tool, and previously worked for another.

The advantages include:

- Two admins with different ideas of how files should be named and laid out don't butt heads. The management solution makes the decision.
- There is an audit trail showing who did what, so that when something goes wrong, the correct lesson can be learned.

Integration with DHCP and IP address management is often another benefit.

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