IPAM advantages (was Re: MySQL BIND SDB)

Gary Wallis wgg1970 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 12:15:26 UTC 2010

Chris Buxton wrote:
> On Nov 16, 2010, at 12:44 PM, Gary Wallis wrote:
>> IPAM is an Infloblox proprietary system that Cricket Liu is involved with.
> No.
> IPAM = IP Address Management. It is not a product, but rather a product category. I believe the term was coined by Lucent, or whoever owned QIP at the time, sometime in the mid-90's. (I could be wrong, though.)
> Infoblox offers an IPAM solution. I will make no comment on its relative merits versus the competition; I work in the industry. The following companies also offer commercial IPAM solutions (list is not exhaustive):
> BlueCat Networks (Proteus)
> Men & Mice (the eponymous Suite)
> Vital/Lucent/Alcatel (QIP)
> BT (DiamondIP)
> There is at least one real F/OSS IPAM solution, NetReg from Carnegie Mellon University.
> C/Panel, Webmin, and other systems like that are system management solutions, not IPAM solutions.
> Regards,
> Chris Buxton
> BlueCat Networks

Thanks for the correction and the updated list of IPAM software providers.

My main point is that I think that Karl was right about the advantages 
of managed DNS systems. IPAM is much more than DNS management (too much 
more for some in many cases.) Centralized DNS management is cool, 
especially FOSS tools that may help you manage a large cluster of 
ISC/BIND servers.

(If we use FOSS BIND why should we support anti FOSS businesses like 
many mentioned above?)


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