Spaces in keys

Hugo Salgado hsalgado at
Wed Nov 17 20:37:50 UTC 2010

On 11/17/2010 05:01 PM, Thomas Schulz wrote:
> When I copied the key for root from
> I ended up with spaces in the key. I assumed that they should not be there
> and removed them. I since noticed that the key in /etc/bind.keys supplied
> with the bind distribution has spaces in it. Should the spaces be there or
> does it not matter?

It doesn't matter. From RFC4034 (Resource Records for the DNS Security
Extensions), section 2.2 (The DNSKEY RR Presentation Format):

  The Public Key field MUST be represented as a Base64 encoding of the
  Public Key.  Whitespace is allowed within the Base64 text.  For a
  definition of Base64 encoding, see [RFC 3548].


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