Help with the subzone problem

Tech W. techwww at
Thu Nov 25 02:10:43 UTC 2010


I found a strange problem.

We have a zone in Bind, for example,
We designate a subzone of it to another dns server, for eaxmple, F5's 3DNS.

The corresponding RR in Bind is:  IN  NS  3600  IN  NS  3600

Bind's setup is OK.
Both ns1 and are the domain names for 3DNS.

But F5's 3DNS can't setup the NS records for
That means, when query to:

dig ns

get nothing.

So, under this case though most time the people's query is OK, but the windows DNS Server we noticed, doesn't behave well sometime.

If windows DNS (Cache Server) doesn't have 's NS records cached, any query to will get an empty response. For example, query to will get nothing if the peer is windows DNS server and at that time the server doesn't have's NS records in its cache.

So is this my problem or F5's problem or windows DNS server problem?


Kind regards,


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